State fascist dictatorship in all countries ? Oh yes, absolutely!

When the state, ie , the government, requires control of email, storage of text , banning encryption and have secret interception facilities , they have lost control of the community and are afraid of the inhabitants in their own country. When they, on top of this, through their media openly push their own propaganda , and prohibits independent-minded parties from using the same media such as TV / Radio and newspapers for spreading their word, we DO HAVE a pure fascist dictatorship .

Ask yourself : Why is the government parties , despite their fascist messages and political oppression use tv stations and today’s newspaper media for their lies and propaganda, and prohibits opposition parties or others to speak in the same media? Even though it is forbidden by law to prevent others’ opinions get expressed on equal terms? No, it did just happened in Sweden , the law of freedom to do this changed in Sweden of some reason(!) -during the IIHF World Championship .

I get it to fascist dictatorship , what do YOU believe it is?

When ordinary people are threatened with reprisals because they think the ruling is wrong and want to point it out ,
a fascist dictatorship? – what do YOU believe it is?

When ordinary citizens are threatened or are portrayed as racists just because they think it is enough now, I do get it to be a fascist dictatorship and , to top it all , reverse racism – what do YOU believe it is?

According to our former real constitution in Sweden and the new constitution under EU, ALL citizens schould have the right to freely express themselves and communicate in writing or orally , today it is forbidden , because it is racism or Nazism – I get this to be a fascist dictatorship , what do YOU believe it is ?

Why do YOU think that there is such a tame election campaign just a month before the election , unless the government parties together with the global corporations has already decided to cheat or otherwise thwart democracy and the people for their own personal gain – through planned headlines in their media?

The citizens have to wake up and realize that they live in a fascist dictatorship , led by liars , thieves, and scammers who only have their own personal best in front of their eyes.

Prestige goes before the people and the nations best future , it allows the government parties to disqualifie themselves and the right to even stand in an election, they do not represent the people anymore, but only themselves and their own existence. The restrictions they made on their own citizens’ rights and freedoms -should be just a line in the history books in future schools instead of beeing violated through existing international law.
It is a crime under both the UN and the EU Convention , in other words, the government and its parties with their representatives are doing illegal stuff .

I still am sure that we have a fascist dictatorship , what do YOU believe it is?

Just because I and others now can tell everyone through internet like this, mean I’m wrong , just that you did not read everything I and others have written earlier, since the essence constantly censored out in the media by our government control.

Do not think that the whole Swedish people and the other people of the world have access to free and uncensored news. Forget it – Politically Incorrect enjoy NO state support as all government correct -do well sponsored propaganda media get, I get it to be a fascist dictatorship ,
what do YOU believe it is?

Ask yourself also why I always have to have more blogs to put out the same text – since the government-sponsored opinion blog has a strange policy regarding opinion and freedom of opinion and usually censor what I and many others have written – I get it to be a fascist dictatorship , what do YOU believe it is ?

As usual – If that – there’s a copy of this on another blog . Fascism in Israel – Yes –

Liberate the world from dictatorship – Vote out the incumbent parties – they are all the same with just the colour diff that they each election do everything to fool you about – they are grey!