Horizontal transmission of bacteria.

This will be awkward, but if you bother to read your way through this and think about what it says, then you’ll understand why you don´t want GMOs. You will also understand why Monsanto and Obama want them since Monsanto manufactures the USA´s biological weapons of war.

80% of the immune system of animals and humans is composed of the bacteria present in the stomach. There are 2-3 kilograms of nice bacteria that make sure we keep ourselves in shape and are able to interact with the outside world.

90% of all living organic material is made up of bacteria.

Bacteria are found in so many ingenious variations that it is impossible to list them all, or even to count a fraction of all species. And they all have their specific tasks to ensure that everything in the earth-human-animal-air works as it should.

An excellent example of decent bacillus is the one found in the cell’s mitochondria, and that creates enzymes that ensures that the cell is oxygenated.

There is really only one place in the organic material where there is no bacteria and that is in the cell nucleus where the genes are located. The DNA is protected by a round shell that is such an effective safety barrier for genes that whatever happens to the organism, the genetic code is always protected and thus the premise for the species’ survival.

There are exceptions – Agrobacterium tumefaciens and E. coli are two. The task of the soil bacterium Agro is exactly to invade and break down the weak and sick species in the plant kingdom, a natural cleansing work. E. coli is an intestinal bacterium that when it gets into the stomach and the immune system is not able to fight against it, it ultimately causes hepatitis. That´s how viable it is and that´s why one should deal with the bacterium sensibly. Rinse the vegetables and wash hands after toilet and such elementary stuffs. So, these two bacilli can do what is impossible to others, penetrate the nucleus wall and reach into the DNA and destroy it.

The GMO research program has discoverd this and they make use of these bacteria in order to open the nuclear wall and insert whatever they want inserted. (Curiously, in most cases, they only put parts of bacteria and viruses there).

This was some good background info to understand why the bee is so terribly important in this context.

The bee has a honeystomach where it carries honey from plant to cup. The nectar remains in this bladder during shipment and there it is kept clean and nice and healthy with the help of all Lacto- and Bifidobacteria that the bee has in the honeystomach.

When the bee draws nectar from the flower it also leaves some Lacto- and Bifidobacteria on the plant, and since a flower receives many visits by many bees there will be an awfully nice and beneficial bacterial infusion on the flower. So when fall comes and all the forest animals have eaten the plants where the bees have been, and the livestock have eaten from them, and voles and rats and other insects and birds etc. etc., then they´ve taken in such a large amount of disease-fighting bacteria that they manage nicely until the next season. Have you seen how fun and frisky horses, cows, sheep and goats are in the fall and how lovely and delicate the furs of forest animals are, and how stately their posture is? We recieve the same favor if we eat raw plants, inhale pollen etc.

Good, huh? Well, it was right up until the GMOs began to be cultivated. Especially in our country, Sweden, where only industrial GMO crops are grown. Things that should not be eaten. They too have flowers that are visited by bees. The plants have pollen and pollen contain all plant codes. Pollen is an hyper-concentration of DNA. The bee draws nectar and collects pollen from genuine plants as well as from GMOs with all its strange bacteria and virus constellations; E. coli, soil bacteria, Salmonella bacteria, HIV virus, leukemia virus , for it is that which is put into the GMO. Among other things. There are worse things too, but these are fairly common ingredients in the crops that will save us from global starvation according to the GMO mafia. (Mafia because it never is about ideology but only about pulling the financial benefits of being in the Monsanto-circuit.)

The bee collects this and parts of it ends up in the bacterial culture chamber that the honeystomach constitutes. Subsequently to end up in the honey. That become food for old and new bees.

The risk of a horizontal transfer occuring here is huge. Several things can occur; that the Lacto and Bifidus bacteria are knocked out, that the GMO´s bacteria penetrate the good bacteria and make a so-called GMM. A Genetically Modified Microorganism. Quite simply, new bacterial life forms are created that neither we, with our intellect, nor nature itself has the capacity to understand or know how to treat.

That is to say, a horizontal transfer.

So, the consequence of the bee now having new forms of life in their honeystomach in the form of life-threatening bacterial and viral invasions, obviously allows the bee to go under. Its immune system is completely suppressed.

But before it dies it has time to visit all the spring and summer plants and gather in nectar and pollen, and at the same time to take the opportunity to release some bacterium spittle as it always has done. But this time it is no longer immune-enhancing bacteria. There are harmful bacteria and additionally those who have the capacity to penetrate into the cell nucleus and destroy it from within. The animals and insects eat the plants as usual and recieve this destructive cocktail of bacteria and viruses in their own immune system. The inherent risk is that the animal’s immune system is suppressed and replaced by the same unhealthy bacterial and virus cocktail as the bee, with the additional risk of further formation of new life forms.

How about us? Exactly the same thing happens to us. We breathe it in through the pollen, and since the bees pollinate everything that has flowers, it´s in your raspberries and strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, peas, yes everything you eat is visited by the bee that carries the GMO. Does there remain pollen on the plant when flowering is over and it is time to harvest? Probably. This is probably a reason for why the GMO mafia is working so hard for GMOs to be equated with the Eco.

Does Eskil Erlandsson, the Swedish Minister for Rural Affairs, know this? Absolutely not. He lacks the capacity to take in information like this. Does Johan Råckström of the Stockholm Recilience Center know about this? He advocates GMOs for Africa. No one has probably talked to him about this. But what will he do when he finds out? Does Johan Ununger know about this? He who is the managing director for Saltå Kvarn (Saltå Mill, excusively founded for Demeter and organicly produced grain) and who indicated in the newspaper Land that the reason Saltå Kvarn rejected GMOs is that it is not on a par with the EU definition of Eco! What will he do when it dawns on him that nothing he eats will be other than GMO, if not on the inside so on the outside where the bee has been and left its mark. The Minister for International Development Cooperation who leaves all aid money to the SLU ( Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences ) so they can develop GMO for Africa? She’s probably never sober enough to be able to reflect. Carl Bildt then? And Göran Persson? The ones who brought that shit into Sweden? What will they do? Nothing I guess. What will the food supplier Ax:son Johnson do when she realizes that she´s majorly investing in the bee’s death and in a completely stripped-down nature? The Wallenbergs?

On March Against Monsanto, someone stood up and made a speech in English, and it started with: I don’t believe in evil. I don’t believe Monsanto is evil. I believe that they are unaware.

I think on the contrary that Monsanto is fully aware of what they do and why they do it. I also believe that it is run by the most evil creatures we find here on Earth.

But I’m not afraid of them. We don´t need to be. We’ll just make sure not to yield to them. Above all, we must put a stop to the industrial GMO crops grown in the country. BASF’s GMO potato which was grown in Skara, Luleå and Torne valley blossomed and was visited by many insects. The potatoes were also eaten by wildlife. There are photos showing this. So in these places the circulation has already started. Enough now. Ensure that the Swedish Board of Agriculture does not dare to give permission for more experimental plantations in Sweden, either in greenhouses or in the open.

Marie Rosell and Ann-Charlotte Berntsson, Beekeepers in Sweden