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ehf”, the company whose name appears at the bottom of the seen/unseen
signup pages (scroll down to the bottom, you’ll see it), has as its CEO a
man named Chris Kitze. If you look at his LinkedIn page (
you’ll see that as well as being CEO of Unseen, he is a director of –
amongst others – a company called iNome. According to his own blurb, he image
serves ”on the board of directors of this rapidly growing personal
intelligence company. An early investor, [he] joined the board to bring
[his] experience in internet commerce and finance to help management
guide the company to even greater success.” The Wikipedia entry for
iNome (
is very interesting as it details class action lawsuits Chris Kitze’s
company has been embroiled in for its breaches of data protection laws
and for automatically enrolling people into marketing programmes without
their permission. There’s much more there too, read it yourself and
find out just how badly Kitze wants to use your personal information to
make himself rich, and how little he cares about the laws his companies
break in order to do so. Want your private cellphone number made
available without your consent? Chris Kitze, CEO of Unseen, is your man.

there’s the matter of security. Now I’m no encryption expert, but some
of those who *are* have serious questions about both the actual security
of seen/unseen and the deliberate misrepresentation of it in their
FAQs. Read more here:…/19/why-you-should-stay-away-from-unseen…/
So that’s the appeal to reason. Now here’s the appeal to emotion (with a bit more reason thrown in).
As stated in their introductory text, and are both operated by the people behind the website
This website is known for spreading untrue and scaremongering news
stories, amongst which are those focussed on – frankly – lies about
Facebook’s security and privacy concerns. There is much to criticise
Facebook about. But these criticisms do not justify spreading lies; a
cause worth fighting for will only be undermined if those who fight for
it lie about it in order to further their aims. Beforeitsnews was one of
the sites upon which the latest scare story spread, concerning the
Facebook privacy ”bombshell” on January 1st 2015 – a story that has been
established by independent researchers to be false:
the timeline: Beforeitsnews spreads lies about Facebook, intending to
scare Facebook users. Meanwhile the people behind it are working on an
alternative social media site, with the aim of capturing that portion of
its userbase who are amenable to being frightened by scare stories
without taking the time to research the facts themselves. When the site
(seen/ is ready, Beforeitsnews spreads a fake story about a
non-existent privacy ‘bombshell’ whilst simultaneously heavily promoting
its own alternative. ”Capice?”, as Al Capone might have said?

if you read the promo information on seen/, you will see that
the site is ad-supported (just like Facebook), and NO claims are made
about enhanced security from interception by national security services
outside Iceland. Remember that the vast, vast majority – approaching
100% – of internet traffic passes through the USA at some stage in its
travels, at which point it is vulnerable to the dragnet info trawling by
performed by the NSA, which takes place where international fibre optic
data cables enter the country. There is no escape from this at the
moment – every piece of data that passes through the internet ends up in
the NSA’s enormous new data centre in Utah – INCLUDING everything sent
to and from seen/ Iceland is a fantastic country and its own
data protection laws are well-formulated; however once data leaves the
country all bets are off. Seen/
seem intended to be a home to the credulous, who will have their social
media supported by advertising revenue – adverts for products which
will no doubt be in alignment with the worldview and mindset of its
creators (vinegar-based chemtrail protection agent, or expensive DVDs
discussing the aliens who live on Nibiru/Planet X come to mind). It
would be no surprise to me if many of the adverts on seen/unseen direct
consumers to online shops associated with NaturalNews, as this site has
also been pushing many of the same lies and promoting seen/
Personally I do not believe that these sites’ owners believe much of
what they promote, as the analytical and critical thinking skills
necessary to code a large, stable website seem – to me – to be at odds
with the lack of such skills necessary to believe the fiction they
promote as fact… but I may be wrong.

I urge you to reconsider your membership of seen/, because
from all I can see, the motives of its creators are murky at best – and
deliberately destructive of intelligent thought whilst being downright
cynically exploitative at worst.

course it’s possible that you may think of me as a ‘shill’ – that I’m
being paid by the agents of darkness to try and stop beings of light and
enlightenment from finding their true home so that they may usher in a
new age of planetary consciousness, or some such. If that’s the case
then there is no point in telling you the truth, but I will anyway. I am
simply a musician; a sound engineer; a person who believes that we are
all One Humanity – we are the universe experiencing itself and learning
about itself through the as-yet-unexplained ‘magic’ of consciousness and
its accompanying tool of logic and rational thought… but I am also
someone who is passionately aware of the plain fact that without honesty
and integrity (for which I make no special claim about myself) we
cannot progress as a species into a world based on peace, love, unity
and respect.

From the facts as they are, it seems clear to me that, and their parent website offer none of this.
Written with love, compassion and hope.

Colin (with thanks to Alexander Synaptic for invaluable help with the hard research)