From worldfascism of today to despotism tomorrow

The NWO’s Motto Is: ORDER OUT OF CHAOS and World Chaos is needed in order for their goal of a one world government and a one world religion of which both are to be ruled over by their coming despot ruler!

Remember what Paul Warburg i.e. Banker and Zionist Freemason (February 17, 1950, testified before the US Senate). – “We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” .
Is there anything else that brings more chaos to anyone or any region than war?

The Illuminati controlled New World Order loves wars. These international bankers and families(Rothschild’s dynasty and their Federal Reserve System) instigate, inaugurate and carry out these wars to their short term financial benefit, as well as long term goals, as they loan money to most all of the sides partaking in those planned wars! They loan them the money to build their war machines to conduct war, then loan them the money to rebuild the destruction caused by them, and to rebuild their war machines that were depleted during the conflicts! Nice game isn’t it. They will bankrupt all the governments of the world by these and other planned tactics.

I truly believe that the shadow government of the US of which President Obama is just another pawn in a long list, but a big one in this truly sick administration, is going to bring the upper middle class, the middle class and below down to the living standards of third world countries. He has made no bones about his agenda even while he was running for office for his first term that he would re-distribute the wealth. And make no mistake about it, his rich cronies will get richer as we saw in the bailout programs in 2008.

Anyone who has studied the aims and tools the Illuminati and its new World Order, knows their agenda to bring about world socialism/communism/liberalism and equality of all nations and peoples (other than them and their elitists friends and cronies) of the world, and they also know that those in the third world countries will never rise up to the living status of the poor who live in the first world nations. They know that the first world nations (America) must be brought down to the level of the third world nations. That’s not rocket science by the way. And Obama believes that even the poorest in America are richer than the upper middle class and rich in most countries of the world.

So get ready for more re-distribution of your wealth by taxation from the government so they can even more so than before distribute it to themselves and if any is left over they will give it to their cronies that they install in leadership of the third world countries, and not those who are starving, because in their world view they are not sustainable, and do not contribute to the heartbeat of the world at large, and therefore should they should be eliminated, as well as those who do not go along with their program of world socialism, i.e. true Christians and others.

Their agenda, which is world socialism ruled by a world despot, as the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (false Jews Rev. 2:9).