Please, take the time to see this video . I bet you never seen laid out to you the facts as clearly as you will see here . You can’t be a sheep no more !!

The foreign policy of Orthodox Russia has been far more sound than the foreign policy of the Jacobinical West. Russia rightly opposed the tragic war in Iraq as well as the senseless support of Islamist rebels against the regimes of Libya and Syria. The civil war in Ukraine is of course a very sad story, but Russia cannot be blamed for it. The situation in Ukraine is special; it has been a “cleft country”, as the Harvard professor Samuel P. Huntington described it in his book The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order (1996). A cleft country is a country that contains very large groups of people identifying with separate civilizations (many countries of the Jacobinical West might soon join the cleft country club). Huntington warned of the becoming struggle. Russian speaking people in the eastern part of the country, including the Crimean peninsula (which was part of Russia until Communists gave it to Ukraine in 1954), did not want to be ruled by a Western puppet-regime in Kiev. They suffered injustice of various kinds and they managed to organise resistance against the regime, with some help from their Russian ally. The deaths in the civil war, including the passengers of MH-17, are particularly tragic because they could have been prevented if the Jacobinical power-lust had been tempered by realistic assessment of the situation, which would have prompted a split-up of the country along civilizational lines, without a shot of a single bullet.

The Western media’s portrait of the civil war was unbelievably biased in favour of their own establishment. As often before the Russian channel RT was important in informing people about another side of the story. Various websites were also important in that regard, including Soul of the East, a brilliant website of Mark Hackard and Daniel Spaulding, whose goal is to “ensure that valuable aspects of Russian political and religious thought are made available to English speakers.”

It should be clear by now why I think Russia shouldn’t be demonised. That doesn’t mean I agree with everything the Russian government has done, far from it. The apologist of the Jacobinical West is usually not hold accountable for the brutality of the French revolution, the horrors of Hiroshima or the war crimes in Vietnam and Iraq. The same applies to a person who defends Orthodox Russia against the pitchforks of Western witch-hunters at a time of prejudiced atmosphere of warmongering and stinking Russophobia.

One may ask why I bother. I could be having fun, making friends and earning money instead of spending time defending a cause that has cost me friends without any material gain. I have no answer to that question, except that I’m expressing the truth as I sense it – an act that brings me more happiness than anything else in the world. So be it; everything that follows from it is necessary.

Of course it would be more comfortable to simply defend some basic principles, such as the non-aggression principle which I hold dear. But I don’t think it’s manly to hide from the world in all its messy impurity. What is manly is to step in there and do what is right.