Hello, first I want to point out that The Whole World does not need to be afraid of the US’s threat of nuclear weapons. There is no nuclear device anywhere in the world and only part of the Matrix, that means all countries are just playing the same game and keep us scared for ” the powers” a la Orwells 1984 – Proof -easy – photos !!?

Photos taken at the site is pure evidence that there was no radioactivity. Why – yes, black and white film is what scientists use to detect precisely radioactivity. Photos and movies taken on the spot would not be able to provide images AT ALL since the radiation would have made the film Black. The whole population of people have therefore gone on yet another lie that the media and publishing media duped us with. We’ve probably even hadtests of this in elementary school and we are brainwashed totaly because we trust the ”powers” that provide this lie!

There were no atomic bombs allegedly detonated in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was firebombs and nothing else. Tokyo was simultaneously bombed and the first big fire bomb raid on Tokyo was on the night of 9 to 10 March … With a cargo of mainly napalm-filled fire-bombs of the type M 69th This is available on Wikipedia!

However it created the threat to humanity and has survived until today. – Full high factory chimneys pristine together with all built of concrete that is not burned like paper houses in the cities.

List of clear evidence on this issue if there is a question mark (of course :)).

1) Photos of the so called nuclear bombs of Hiroshima is the proof itself of the big lie – effects on the silver film makes it impossible to take pictures because the film would be black, there was no radioactivity in the cities = no nuclear bomb. check info on the net how Curie and the other people proved radioactivity.

2) Yellow mushrooms are hydrocarbon residues burning up in the atmosphere of large quantities of TNT

3) Fast neutrons formed in the U-235 and Pu-239 fission has the short wavelength to have good probabilities to split (child-value) they must be moderated first as an ordinary reactor.

4) A prime wave driven by a pressure gradient of 1 megabar would not provide a return path of the same magnitude as the return run by the atmosphere, thus you can see the entire propagandevideosarna with pressure waves in two directions that look equivalent out is just prepaird lies

5) A bomb (if it had had been one) gives a light blue flash and no yellow sponges.

6) Nagasaki and Hiroshima was firebombed as the German city of Dresden.

7) The entire buildings at pressures of 18 psi is impossible, it was a big part stone and concrete houses with thin walls within a distance of over 12 psi which only had windows blown ,, speaks for air mines and incendiary bombs in Dresden.

8) The streets were completely clean of scrap! Either sacrificed those poor Japanese, and swept clean after the alleged explosion or so it was a nice and neat bomb.