If you are asleep, know that you enjoy a majority right now. But you cannot stay asleep (ignorant) forever, and your slim majority is quickly becoming an ever smaller minority. You can start facing the facts and acknowledging the truth, or there will come a day when the ugly truth is undeniable, that your friends and family have largely awoken and left you behind. Burying your head in the sand has made you deaf, dumb and blind to reality. Humans are pack animals, social beings who will psychologically follow a crowd into a disaster rather than stand alone in safety or righteousness. What was once popular will become a disability.
If you are AWAKE, know that you are currently the minority. You may have only awoken moments ago, or you may be years in the process. Take comfort that there are more of us than you might think, and we are quickly becoming the majority. People don’t go back to sleep, they only become more aware, more vocal, and more effective. You have bravely chosen to accept the truth in spite of the indoctrinations and pressures to deny it, in spite of friends and family ostracizing you to protect themselves from the discomfort of cognitive dissonance, and you will naturally keep looking for more and deeper truths.
We, the awakened ones, find ourselves in groups here on Fakebook. These groups number into the millions, and many deal specifically with one issue. They often contain thousands or more members, yet these FB groups are unlikely to bring the change they desire in and of themselves, they may spread truth and awaken others, but they fall short of stopping the agenda. Despite having millions of groups, each with thousands of people, we often feel alone and outnumbered, even despondent.
So we have begun organizing alliances with other awakened groups. The plan is to unite all the various groups that together comprise the awakening movement. We have a makeshift home linked below, and a plan to accelerate our growth and effectiveness exponentially. Here’s how it works:
Groups can continue exactly as they are, but we ask that you post your page or group to the coalition page. By joining the coalition, and endorsing this sensible action, you become part of something bigger, and add fuel to the organic movement of the people. Each group can select a delegate to sit at the table of a virtual leadership committee with their peers from the other groups. The more groups that join, the bigger and more diverse the leadership committee becomes and the more people they represent. It is incorruptible as everyone has an equal voice,and these are the most awake and aware people from your respective groups.
Add your group to the coalition, choose a delegate to sit on the leadership committee and spread this message. Imagine how fast we could change things, with millions spreading this simple message and the best from every group coming together to organize and brand the movement that is catching fire. The awakening cannot be stopped, it is a raging fire and we can feed it by fanning the flames of freedom and justice. It comes down to you, deciding to spread the message, that the awakening movement is unifying and our victory is assured. It can only be sped up, it cannot be stopped. Help us throw gas on the fire.